TN Visas under NAFTA

Our specialized practice has allowed us to gain particular expertise with the preparation, filing and successful adjudication of TN NAFTA Visa applications for Canadian citizens. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of Canadians of all professions obtain TN Visa status at qualifying U.S. ports of entry and by mail with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

We meticulously prepare each TN Visa application with compelling supporting evidence, enabling quick and easy border processing. We are experienced with even the most complex TN Visa cases and obtain approvals for those with a past denial history. We are experienced with preparing TN Visa applications for all TN Visa professions, including: TN Visa Management Consultants, TN Visa Computer Systems Analyst, TN Visa Scientific Technicians, TN Visa Registered Nurses, TN Visa Scientists and TN Visa Teachers, to name a few.

Our clients benefit from our extensive experience. This allows us to process cases on an affordable flat fee basis. Conveniently located within minutes of the Peace Bridge, Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, Whirlpool Bridge and Rainbow Bridge, we also assist our Canadian clients with border crossing issues.

If you have questions as to whether you qualify to enter the United States as a TN-1 non-immigrant, contact us today to speak with an experienced and licensed U.S. Immigration Lawyer.

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