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How to Qualify for an L1 Visa

To qualify for an L1 Visa, the prospective employee must have been employed abroad with an affiliate, parent, branch, or subsidiary of the petitioning U.S....
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B Visa Approval Toronto

“I am very grateful to Julie and Ellen who quickly understood the issues surrounding the cancellation of my B1/B2 visa and the urgency for me...
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VAWA Success

In our day and age there are many relationships that cross the international divide. Oftentimes, when a U.S. citizen (USC) builds a lasting relationship with...
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We constantly monitor immigration information, enabling our clients to benefit from innovative strategies designed to minimize the likelihood of denial or even delay in a...
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TN Visas Issued for IT Professionals

We regularly assist IT professionals obtain TN visas as computer systems analysts, software engineers, SAP consultants and IT management consultants. Due to our experience with...
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K-1 Fiancé(e) Visas

We regularly assist U.S. citizens engaged to foreign nationals in bringing their future spouses to the United States on K-1 Fiancé(e) visas. After their entry...
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L-1 Visas for Start-Up Companies

Due to our proximity to the U.S./Canadian border we regularly assist Canadian business professionals to expand their foreign operations into the United States through L-1...
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TN Visa Issued Despite Immigrant Intent Flag

We were recently approached by a Canadian citizen was denied on two previous occasions while had attempting to enter the U.S. on a TN visa as a registered nurse. He was flagged as having “immigrant intent” primarily because he has a U.S. citizen wife and child residing in the United States.